A Journey to Antarctica

January 24th – February 9th, 2014


This is my blog about our trip to Antarctica on the Lindblad Expeditions ship the “National Geographic Explorer”. Our journey started in Buenos Aires, where we spent a few days sightseeing, including a short side trip to Uruguay. We then flew to Ushuaia, from where we started crossing the Drake Passage down to Antarctica. We spent six amazing and stunning days around the South Shetland Islands and the eastern side of the Antarctic Peninsula, before returning back to Argentina via the Diego Ramirez Islands and Cape Horn.

      1.    Buenos Aires and Uruguay

      2.    From Ushuaia through the Drake Passage to the South Shetland Islands

      3.    Cuverville Island, Neko Harbour and the Lemaire Channel

      4.    The Antarctic Circle, Booth Island and Paradise Harbour

      5.    Port Lockroy, Neumayer Channel, Gerlache Straight and Mikkelsen Harbour

      6.    Return to Ushuaia via Diego Ramirez Island and Cape Horn

      7.    One Night in Doha


    This has been an absolutely incredible trip, where we saw some of the most stunning and beautiful scenery on the planet. It feels like an extraordinary privilege having been able to see and experience Antarctica with its pristine landscapes and astonishingly rich wildlife in person and up close. It was a once in a lifetime experience (even though I strongly believe I will get back to Antarctica at some stage in my life).

    And for those who still haven't seen enough of Antarctica here is a short time lapse movie I made during the trip:
    And also check out Jen's beautiful three-part slideshow:



    1. It's very interesting place and you should definetly visit it. But few days is not enough for this. It's budget variant, because 2-3 weeks Antarctic cruise is very expensive. We were in this tour and it was amazing, but it was our honeymoon, as i said it's expensive for standard vacation.