One Night in Doha

Saturday, Feb 8th

The long flight from Buenos Aires to Doha was fairly uneventful this time, and we were able to add one more new country at the end of our trip. We arrived in Doha just after 10:00 pm local time, and since we had a 10 hour stop-over, we had time to leave the airport, check into a hotel and do some midnight sightseeing. We were staying in the Marriott, which is only 10 min away from the airport.

Even though it was close to midnight by the time we left the hotel, our body clocks were still on Argentine time. We walked down to the ocean promenade, where we had great views of the high-rise buildings across the bay. We saw the very impressive building housing the Islamic Museum and the even more impressive building site of the new Qatar museum (which looks to be the size of an airport terminal). There was also a large modern museum entirely covered in a Damian Hirst dot painting. 

Later on we mad our way further into the city and found the main souk. All the shops were closed at this time of night, but we could still walk around the souk, and there were a few people around.

To our surprise we found a restaurant in the middle of the souk, which not only served food 24 hours a day, but appeared to be really busy and lively at 2 am. So we had some very nice Moroccan food, and then found a taxi to take us back to the hotel for a short nap, before we had to get to the airport for our 8:00 am flight to Hong Kong.

We finally arrive back in Hong Kong on Sunday afternoon, which completes an incredible 17 day journey to the other side of the world.
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